Discover our Oral Spa package at Denta Levant, where Painless Scaling and Personalised Care are in perfect harmony. Enhance your oral wellness journey with gentle techniques and individual attention, customised to your needs and preferences. Visit us at Kota Damansara, the leading dental clinic in Petaling Jaya.

Our Oral Spa Service at Denta Levant

Treat yourself to an outstanding oral care experience with Dental Levant’s Oral Spa package in Kota Damansara. Our service blends Painless Scaling and Personalised Care, setting a new benchmark for dental wellness. Experience smooth and effective techniques that guarantee minimal discomfort while receiving individualised attention from our committed team. Pamper yourself in a truly revitalising and bespoke experience, improving your oral wellness journey in a snug and inviting atmosphere. With Dental Levant, dental care is not just a habit, but a pleasure.

DentaGlow Smile Spa Treatment in Kota Damansara

Discover a new level of dental wellness with the DentalGlow Smile Spa treatment package in Kota Damansara. This holistic dental care experience enhances your standard oral hygiene methods with three key steps: painless scaling, air polishing, and focused fluoride application. Expert flossing is also included to ensure optimal cleanliness and freshness. In a soothing and snug environment, you will enjoy a spa-like ambience that delivers calming and comfortable dental care. With Dental Levant, oral hygiene is not just a habit, but a pleasure.

How it is different from normal scaling:

Enhanced Comfort

Painless scaling technology drastically reduces discomfort, offering a more pleasant experience for patients than traditional scaling methods.

Aesthetic Focus

Air polishing not only guarantees a complete clean but also removes surface stains, giving you a dazzling and stunning smile.

Spa-Like Atmosphere

How does DentaGlow Smile Spa prioritise patient comfort? By creating a spa-like environment that offers amenities and a calming ambiance, setting it apart from conventional dental clinics.

Comprehensive Preventive Care

Painless scaling, air polishing, flossing, and targeted fluoride application work together to cover various aspects of oral health, providing a holistic and preventive approach beyond routine scaling.

Frequently Ask Questions About Oral Spa

What is the Oral Spa package at Denta Levant?

The Oral Spa package offers a unique combination of Painless Scaling and Personalised Care, focusing on gentle, effective techniques tailored to individual needs for an improved oral wellness journey in a comfortable setting.

How does DentaGlow Smile Spa differ from regular scaling?

DentaGlow Smile Spa includes painless scaling, air polishing, focused fluoride application, and expert flossing, providing a more comfortable, aesthetically focused, and comprehensive preventive care experience in a spa-like ambiance.

What benefits does the Oral Spa service offer?

The Oral Spa service enhances comfort with painless technology, improves aesthetics via stain removal, and provides a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, ensuring a holistic approach to oral health beyond routine dental care.

Oral Spa Before & After

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Take a look at how we transformed this patient’s smile.
Whitening 12 Whitening 11


Our favorite part of what we do is seeing our patients feel refresh when they see their new smiles. Whether you are preparing for your big day or just want a little tune-up, we are here to help you feel and look your best. Watch one of our happy patients, Katherine, get the smile makeover of her dreams just in time for her wedding day!


Discover convenient payment options at Dental Levant, ensuring a seamless dental experience. We collaborate with esteemed insurance providers such as AIA, PMCARE, MEDNEFITS, and more. Explore flexible financing through installment plans offered by ATOME and CURAGURU. As part of our commitment to accessibility, we provide a 0% installment plan for Maybank and Public Bank credit card holders. At Dental Levant, your oral health journey is complemented by transparent and hassle-free payment solutions, making quality dental care easily accessible.


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